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Providing education and assistance to the Washington County  area real estate investors since 1995

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Officers and Directors


The purpose of the Landlords and Property Owners Association of Washington County Maryland, Inc. is:

  1. This website is designed to informed and help landlords

  2. To advocate for the rights of property owners

  3. To work with City, County, State, and Federal officials to solve problems

  4. To provide for the exchange of information and statistics and for interaction on laws, regulation and proposed government actions

  5. To provide for the collection, recording, compilation, and distribution of information and statistics to members

  6. To serve and advance the rental housing industry so that adequate affordable rental housing will be available through private enterprise.

  7. To promote responsible rental property ownership for Washington County, Maryland



Future Programs

Monthly Meetings Start At 7:00 P.M.  -  First Thursday of the month held at 530 N. Locust Street, Hagerstown, MD 21740 - Enter in rear from parking lot off Wayside Avenue. New Office located same place, Suite B








September 2, 2021.  IN PERSON MEETING at our meeting room in ABC bldg. Meeting will also be shown on Zoom in case anyone who wants to be here is uncomfortable at in person meetings or too far away.  We will be doing both in person meetings and Zoom for those who are not local.

Meeting:  CELEBRATE and get a chance to say THANK YOU to Nancy Bremmer for all of her years of service to our association and to us personally.  If you have special cards or a gift for her this is your chance to present it.  Nancy was one of the Founding members of our Association in 1995.  She has helped so many. Please come to say goodbye.  IT IS A SURPRISE, Please do not spill the beans if you see her!.

MEMBERS MEETING – your own special issues during this time.

Brooke’s House – Charlene from Brooke’s House and Organizer, Kevin Simmers will be sharing the features that their house provides. We have already had wonderful feedback regarding their work in assisting landlords and, anyone asking for these services. They are working hard and have some surprising services.  Come to the meeting to hear all about it.


July, 2021- NO MEETING.  HAPPY 4TH. Be safe. Thank those who fought for our Freedom and those

                       trying to preserve our freedoms. Looking the other way does not keep us free.

August 2021. NO MEETING- Vacation time. Enjoy your summer.  Call us with questions.            


                                         CUMBERLAND  and WESTERN MD AREA LANDLORDS

 It is important for you to be in touch with us if there is a topic of conversation that may be of concern in your area that needs to be addressed.  We try to make sure the information being shared is for all of our regions.  If there are ordinances that are being changed in your community, please let us know so that we can share with the group.


























































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Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE) -

The following is a website created by the Maryland Dept. of Housing & Community Development providing info on rental housing units and availability across Maryland. It is free of charge - used by landlords, developers, property managers, etc. -
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City of Hagerstown Crime Free Multi-Housing Program -
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Maryland Department of Assessments and Taxation
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State Courts Web Sites, This Page Provides Judicial Branch Links -
This site brings together a gold mine of resources from federal, state and local, territorial government information -
Better Business Bureaus -
The Maryland Home Improvement Commission licenses and regulates home improvement contractors, subcontractors and salespersons. The Commission investigates complaints by homeowners, awards monetary damages against licensed contractors, and prosecutes violators of the home improvement law and regulations (MHIC)-
Detailed List of Citizen Services for Washington County, Maryland
Hagerstown, Maryland City Home Page -
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Crime Reports is the only near real-time source for both official crime data and sex offender information, giving you access to information from over 700 participating law enforcement agencies across North America and sex offender data for all 50 States. -




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Avoiding Identity Theft:  1. Dumpster Diving or Trash Bag Rummaging. Shred any and all paperwork that has your name and address on it, and especially if it has an account number or membership number on it. When throwing magazines away, shred the label and any ordering forms that may have your account number them, such as in mail order catalogs. 2. Phishing. They pretend to be financial institutions or companies and send spam or pop-up messages to get you to reveal your personal information. They will even call saying they are from a facility you use (bank) Banks will send information in the mail for special loans and programs. Do not give out mortgage information or anything else personal from someone who called you. If you did not initiate the call, hang up. 

Keep in your prayers

All of our troops, Past & Present. They fight for all of the freedoms we so easily take for granted. Don't ever forget 9-11 happened and the devastation. Honor our troops!!. Bless all of the families of these troops. God Bless you all.

Congratulations  to the Landlords & Property Owners Association on it's

   - - - 26 years - - -  

of serving the Members and the Community

1995  -  2021


Landlords & Property Owners Association of Washington County Maryland, Inc.
A Member of the Property Owners Association of Maryland, Inc
530 N. Locust Street, Suite B, Hagerstown, MD 21740
Hagerstown, MD  21740-5528


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Office hours are Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10AM - 2 PM

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